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Take a virtual tour of some of our paintings. Please HOVER over pictures for price and availability. CHARITY paintings for NHS 50% direct donation. Discover a variety of works of art that may inspire an idea for a commission. Any of these paintings can be recreated in any size, medium or colour to suit, but no two paintings are the same. Just email and we will personally help with your painting requirements tel Vicki on07817116007 Or Kevin Malone 07890077153.                                                                                                                                                          

Vicki Griggs

Artist, art teacher

I paint in all mediums and I love mixed media. Resin art is my thing at the moment, they take hours, but I paint because I love it.

I teach all kinds of art classes and give on line lessons.

I love to let paintings paint themselves, many of my paintings are either from memory or in my imagination.



Exclusive resin art 

These are some works by Vicki in resin. Each one takes between 20-80 hours spread over a long period of time. Some of the pieces have 20 layers of resin and are hand painted in between each layer to give a 3D effect. All our work is original and covered by copyright.   

Unfortunately, I am no longer making Resin Art. However their are still pieces in the Gallery for Sale

Kevin Malone 


 Artist Kevin Jon Malone Born in Crowthorne, Berkshire in 1958
I have lived in Broadstairs for the last 38 years, I have worked as a college Lecturer in Construction at Thanet college and then Midkent college where I still work part-time and am happily married to my wife Caroline.
My main passion in Art is working with oil paints, as I prefer the depth and earthy colours that you can work with from them.
I particularly like painting African art scenes with palette knives which derives from many travels to Africa, mainly South Africa.
Where we live here in Broadstairs, we have so much that we can be inspired by with the local coastal scenes.


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